Department of 战争研究 celebrates 60th 周年纪念日

庆祝活动 60年的战争研究 began with a special launch event this week with staff, 学生, 校友和朋友.

Professor 'Funmi Olonisakin and 劳伦斯·弗里德曼爵士教授
Professor 'Funmi Olonisakin in conversation with 劳伦斯·弗里德曼爵士教授

庆祝活动 60年的战争研究 at King’s began with a special launch event this week to reflect on the past, 这个部门的现在和未来.

工作人员, 学生, 校友, friends and leading figures from the Department’s past, 包括前部门主管, gathered for the in-person event at Bush House.

Guests were welcomed by Shitij Kapur教授, King’s 总统 & 主要, and current Head of Department 教授Michael Goodman. The event also featured a conversation between 劳伦斯·弗里德曼爵士教授, Emeritus Professor of 战争研究 and former Head of the Department, 和教授Funmi Olonisakin, 副总统 & Vice 主要 (International) at King's and 战争研究 alumna.

The Department of 战争研究 (DWS) is one of the world’s pre-eminent academic institutions focused on the study of war, 冲突和安全. The Department’s success owes much to the vision and ethos of its founder, 已故的迈克尔·霍华德教授, who established it as a hub for interdisciplinary research and education on the causes, 战争的行为和后果.

It's important that not only we look to the past, to thank those who have contributed to make this Department the great department it is, not only look to the present to celebrate those of you who are continuing that tradition but also look to the future to anticipate the new things that will happen, the new 学生 we will need to take the work forward.”- Shitij Kapur教授

Shitij Kapur教授 also introduced the new 战争研究 Futures Scholarship Programme作为60个项目的一部分th 周年纪念日, to raise funds to provide scholarships for 60 学生 from low-income, widening participation backgrounds to study a BA in 战争研究 over the next 10 years. 每个学生将得到12英镑,000 to help with the cost of living in 伦敦 and contribute to their annual tuition fees.

教授Michael Goodman, Head of the Department of 战争研究 spoke of the Department’s ‘remarkable sense of community’ and friendliness.

“战争研究 leaves an indelible mark in your life; it is no surprise that so many of our 学生 continue their studies with us, or that staff remain in the Department for their entire careers.”


教授“Funmi Olonisakin, who spent over 10 years in the Department studying an MA and PhD in 战争研究, spoke about what a home coming it felt to be in the room with “so many people who shaped my career, 我自己在皇冠体育365的旅程".

劳伦斯·弗里德曼爵士教授, 他在1982年成为了系主任, just as the Falklands War ignited (‘I became Professor of 战争研究 and the next day I had a war’), spoke about the work he undertook to expand the Department.

In the 80s, higher education in the UK was in big financial trouble. When I was appointed… my first meetings were all about cuts, 所以我说, “我没有什么要砍的, 但我想我能筹到一些钱, 我可以做那个吗? So, it wasn’t a case of having imperialist ambitions, it was purely defensive to start with.” -劳伦斯·弗里德曼教授

在弗里德曼教授的领导下, 战争研究 became a mainstream academic subject, and the Department was transformed into one of the biggest 部门 at King’s.

“It’s amazing the reach of the Department. 例如, it’s remarkable that 战争研究 is as much a major contributor to the Washington 政策 community as any other university…with 校友 all speaking very warmly of their time. I don’t think anything gives me more pleasure than the success of my 学生 and our 学生 generally.”


Since the Department’s establishment in 1962, it has grown from a handful of PhD 学生 and one MA programme to a large and vibrant community of scholars with a diverse range of interests and expertise. 今天, the Department over 100 full-time academic staff, over 40 professional service members of staff, 约,500 undergraduate and postgraduate 学生 and a thriving 校友 community. It offers four courses at undergraduate level and fourteen MA programmes.

Throughout the academic year 2021-22 further events and activities will be taking place to mark 战争研究 at 60, 包括一个特殊的 研讨会系列, research conference and student and 校友 events.



探索我们的 celebratory publication which includes a history of the Department of 战争研究, 校友的故事, how our research responds to major global challenges, student reflections on what 战争研究 means to them, 看看战争研究的未来, and information on our Futures Scholarship Programme.


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